Friday, 14 September 2012

How To Find The Location Of Command In Linux

Sometimes you need to find the pathnames or locations of commands you use frequently. In this post, I am going to discuss two useful commands that are useful for locating Linux commands.

The first command to locate the Linux commands is which. This command returns the pathnames of the files or links. However, it does not follow the symbolic links.

samar@Techgaun:~$ which bash

You can also find the pathnames of multiple commands at once using which command.

samar@Techgaun:~$ which -a bash cat ls iftop

The other command is type command which is useful to determine if a command is an alias, a built-in command or an independent command.

samar@Techgaun:~$ type gedit
gedit is /usr/bin/gedit
samar@Techgaun:~$ type grep
grep is aliased to `grep --color=auto'
samar@Techgaun:~$ type -t iftop

You can play more with the type command. I hope this helps :)