Thursday, 9 June 2011

Advanced HTTP Fingerprinting With httprecon

One of the first steps in web server hacking involves fingerprinting to gather information regarding the web server and various mods applied to it. Fingerprinting the web server manually can be cumbersome so some good folks have developed an advanced open-source fingerprinting tool known as httprecon

*Description from official webpage:

The httprecon project is doing some research in the field of web server fingerprinting, also known as http fingerprinting. The goal is the highly accurate identification of given httpd implementations. This is very important within professional vulnerability analysis.

Besides the discussion of different approaches and the documentation of gathered results also an implementation for automated analysis is provided. This software shall improve the easyness and efficiency of this kind of enumeration. Traditional approaches as like banner-grabbing, status code enumeration and header ordering analysis are used. However, many other analysis techniques were introduced to increase the possibilities of accurate web server fingerprinting.

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